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VTA 2011 Fur Sale


Virginia Trappers Association Annual Fur Auction Will be held on March 12 at the Expoland in Fishersville Va. This will be a auction forum with a 3% comm. on all fur sold. Fur buyers information call Glen Mabe@ 540-860-2634, for preregistration and seller information call Ed Crebbs @540-832-2708

Fur Sale Procedures:

Fishersville, Virginia

Saturday March 12, 2011

Pre-registration for sellers will begin on March 1 and close on March 10, 2009.  Pre-registration will be made through Charlaine Crebbs at 540-832-2708.  Any calls made before 08:00 March 1 or after 21:00 March 10 will not be accepted.  Email pre-registration will be accepted when read by the Registrar and the seller will be notified of his or her sequential number.  All pre-registered sellers will be processed before any walk-ins are accepted.  NO walk-ins will be processed before 12:00.  The VTA will post the estimated time of the next round of selling at the end of each round.  All sellers are encouraged to pre-register to provide all concerned with an estimate of the amount of fur to be sold and a guess-estimate of a time line for the day.

All sellers will provide an accounting of the quantities of each species of fur when registering.  The count will be taken in the following order:

1.      Coyote                       

2.      Red Fox                     

3.      Gray Fox                    

4.      Bobcat

5.      Raccoon                     

6.      Opossum                    

7.      Skunk                         

8.      Otter

9.      Beaver                        

10.  Muskrat                      

11.  Mink                           

12.  Nutria

13.  Squirrel tail                 

14.  Castor                         

15.  Essence                      

16.  Other


No pre-registration will be accepted unless these numbers are provided.  10 copies of every sellerís inventory must be made prior to that sellerís fur going on the table so an accurate inventory is essential in preventing time delays.


Any changes in your numbers provided to the registrar will void your registration number and require you to go to the end of the line and re-register.  (This is an issue for the auctioneer and the administrators and causes many delays.)


Any pre-registered seller not arriving in such a timely manner as to enable him or her to be placed on the tables without undue delay will be placed at the end of the current list and given a new number. It is estimated that about 25-30 sellers will be on the tables for each round and each round should take 2 Ĺ hours.


Sellers should check in without their fur and only bring their fur into the building when told to do so.  This is a noise and space concern.


Doors will open for VTA Workers at 0600.


Doors will open for Buyers at 0630.


Doors will open for Pre-Registered Sellers at 0700.


The first round of auctioning will begin at 0830.


Doors will open for unregistered sellers at 1200.  All walk-in registrations will have to keep their fur out of the building until all pre-registered sellersí fur is on the tables awaiting sale and they are told to bring it in.


Three rows of tables will be in place for the sellers and they will be directed to their place on the tables as expeditiously as possible.  Only a certain amount of table space will be provided for a sellerís fur.  If the quantity of fur exceeds a reasonable amount of space due to a large quantity of one (or more) item(s) then a representative sampling of that species will be placed on the table and the rest of that species will be placed under the sellerís table.


All selling begins on the rear row and progresses from the buyersí left to right and rear to front.  Once a row of tables has been sold and cleared then a VTA worker will direct the appropriate sellers to exhibit their fur on that row of tables.  Youth volunteers and other VTA workers will assist in moving the sold fur to the designated buyer or to a holding area if unsold.


Once all three rows of tables have been sold the buyers will have 45 minutes to examine the next round of fur to be auctioned.  Extra time will be afforded the buyers after round 2 to enable them to eat lunch.


There will be a designated area for those sellers who will move to the tables as they clear during the auction.


Only the first 30 pre-registered sellers will be allowed to bring their fur into the building before 0800.  Sellers should attempt to check-in as much as possible in numerical order to minimize delays in processing. 


Any youth selling less than 10 items of fur will be given head of the line privileges and assigned a letter to follow an existing number, such as 8-A.  This will enable the youth to enter the table between numbers 8 and 9.


Sellers are required to be members of the VTA.  Non-members will be allowed to join at the Auction.  A member whose membership has expired will be allowed to renew when he/she checks in.


Any person shipping all their fur and not selling any may, once they have checked in and filled out an inventory form, proceed directly to the shipping agents.


The beginning of an auctioning round will be preceded by a five minute warning whistle.


It is anticipated there will be from 60-80 sellers and the auction will last until 1500, possibly later.


Pre-registration will begin on 01 March and close on 10 March 2010.  Contact or Charlaine Crebbs at 540-832-2708, 0800-2100hrs.


Buyers should register with Glen Mabe, 540-743-2436, no later than 8 March 2010.



The VTA will provide:


         one Auctioneer for the sale

         one Recorder for the auctioneer

         two administrative personnel to register and direct all sellers prior to their moving to the tables or the staging area

         ten to twelve youths for moving fur on and off the tables

         two adult workers to supervise the youths and assist the auctioneer in displaying the fur to the buyers

         twelve copies of the sellerís inventory sheet

o       the original and one copy to file

o       one to the recorder

o       one to the seller

o       one to each buyer (estimate 9)


Prior to departing the auction site the Buyers will provide to the VTA:


Prior to departing the auction site the Shippers will provide to the VTA:



The youth assisting with the fur moving for the entire day will be provided with several trapping items, a VTA shirt and hat, and lunch.


There are currently 2 youths (under 16) signed up for this event.  Any youth interested in participating in this event should contact Ed or Charlaine Crebbs at or 540-832-2708 prior to 01 March 2009.


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